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Really practical
HamsterX Script

When I bought and installed the script it was basically all finished. It took me less than a day to add everything I wanted and make it as I imagined.

Unbelievable uploading features
RedX Script

What so cool with this script is that you can upload videos from your own pc or even have them embed from another porn site. And not just that, I could even allow my users to upload their videos on their own. Just incredible!

Outstanding service
Adult Servers

These guys are amazing! They resolved all the doubts I had since the day one and my website works fast as a rocket! No downtime, no freezing website, no DDoS issues, so there is a plenty of time for me to think about my own business.



HamsterX Script


It paid off
HamsterX Script

I was skeptical about spending this much money on the script as there are many cheaper options. But I took a chance and I never regret it. After just eight months, all the time and money I invested paid off.

Glad to find them
VideoX Script

I wanted to make a new adult website from scratch on my own. After weeks learninh how, I ran into Vicetemple and saw what these guys did. I imediatly ordered VideoX script and can’t be happier.

Dave is the best
HamsterX Script

thx u for helping me out to set my account and set the website.

No test trial, but good script
HamsterX Script
Isabelle B

I don’t like the fact that there is not trial but i am making decision based on the texts and screenshots. But i can’t complain on script.

happy with videox
VideoX Script

my website via videox and its amazing.

Outstanding technical team
HubX Script

Had no idea how this worked, but the technical team helped me install the script, upload videos, make accounts, and optimize content.

Hot, hot, hot
RedX Script
Evgeny D

My website is hooooot

I hope this will all pay off
HamsterX Script
Maya Welsh

Honestly, I am not sure how much would it cost if I paid someone to make me a brand new website, but I know it would be a lot more expensive than this script. Vicetemple team helped setting up the script and launching it in less than a day. I will see in the next couple of months how good investment this is, but so far so good.

Top script organization
HubX Script

 I am an organization freak and I love how organized this script is and how many filters it has.

The script is very neat and well organized
VideoX Script

What I like about VideoX script is that it is very neat, well organized, and extremely easy to handle. There is categorization for literally everything, so both me and my visitors can get around with no problem.

Vicetemple is my only choice
HubX Script

Dont know if there the best in their business but they are for best me

Love the support
Adult VPS
Chriss White

Ordered VPS two months ago and the support team has always been by my side since day one.

Have cool features
RedX Script

Amazing how much can you do with this script!

Super provider
Adult VPS

They solved all the problems I have with hosting in a blink of an eye. Super!

Top support team
Adult Hosting

Their hosting is great, but, honestly, without their support I wouldn’t know how to handle things around here.

RedX Script

Impressive service, impressive scripts, impressive support.

Professional and creative
Adult VPS
Michael Ilich

I have 6 websites, all done by different teams. This year I decided to experiment with the adult industry and tried Vicetemple. I swear that this was the team it was the easiest to work with so far.

I pick this script for good!
VideoX Script
Wade Morrison

I went along with VideoX and love the fact that I can modify it as I want. Plus, it is very appealing on its own and attracts a lot of visitors. Thinking about trying out more scripts soon.

Very helpful technical and sales team
Adult VPS, HamsterX Script

 Vicetemple doesn’t just sell. Their support teaches you about everything you want to know – from the features the server your purchased has to the abilities you have with the script you buy.

HubX is the one
HubX Script

I ordered HubX for my adult website and couldn’t be more satisfied. I am thinking about launching another one and will probably stick with HubX, though other Vice themes look great as well.

Nice service
Adult Hosting

 I started using the hosting service 8 months back. For all that time, there was no downtime.

So many possibilities with this script!
RedX Script

These scripts are awesome! I can’t believe how many different visual and functional options are there. I can play around with my new website all the time.

switch to vicetemple
Adult VPS
Kai Shi

i switch to vicetemple now my website fast, so good

Breathtaking website
HamsterX Script

Love this website!

A hosting that delivers
Adult Hosting
Heung Min

Strong service for reasonable price. And I got everything I ordered, unlike with Shinjiru who TOOK MY MONEY FOR LITERALLY NOTHING!

Too many options for me
HamsterX Script
Amber Jackson

Personally, I didn’t need so many features, so I could have gone with something simpler. But it is nice to know there is room for my website to grow in future.

Great video streaming
Adult VPS, HubX Script, RedX Script

I am using both RedX and HubX scripts for websites and also ordered VPS for both of them. Can’t complain about anything so far.

VideoX Script

When I decided to start a porn website, my friend who was already in the business recommended Vicetemple. In the year I am using their service, I am also recommending it to everyone I know.

Finally no more server issues since I moved to Vicetemple
Adult Servers

I have an online adult business for 2 years or so. This is the fourth provider I am using. My website used to crash due to some servers’ issues all the time before, which hasn’t happened since I moved my website to Vicetemple.

Thanks Molly
RedX Script
Genevieve Boucher

As a new person is online business, RedX script was quite a puzzle for me. But, thanks to Molly from Vice support, I’ve become a proud owner of a small porn industry business.

Thank you for my blooming business
Adult VPS

Due to the whole Covid-19 situation, I was forced to move my sex shop business online and picked the first website that showed up in Google. I need to emphasize that I have never sold one item even via the Internet before and had no idea how this worked. I don’t know whether to thank Vice or covid for this, but my sales literally tripled compared to last year. Business is finally booming. 

Great from the very beginning
Adult Hosting

Used Mattress Actress shared hosting for a few months now and would give it 10 stars if I could.

Started my clone website today
Adult Hosting, RedX Script

Stephen helped me set my first porn clone website today and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Looking forward to this exciting journey in the adult industry.

Adult VPS, RedX Script

Good theme, good hosting

Smooth sailing
Adult Servers

It’s been smooth sailing for me and my webcam business ever since I moved to Vice Temple. 5/5

Recommended theme
RedX Script

Recommended theme for porn websites

RedX Script

The perfect script for me: it’s identical to RedTube and requires very little maintenance.

Super quick and efficient
Adult Hosting

Super quick and efficient support. Resolved all my problems in 10 minutes.

Loving the support
Adult VPS, HubX Script

After weeks of Google research, I finally stumbled upon Hubx and decided to give it a go. So far, I’ve managed to set up my site and get it all going. I’m loving the support from the Vicetemple team so far, who went ahead and installed the script and even added all the plugins I requested.

Thank you for your patience
Adult Hosting

Let me preface this by saying I have never used any web hosting services before. I had a ton of trouble trying to set up my email on Vicetemple and I lost a ton of nerves trying to do everything myself. Then I decided to give them a call and ask for help. Dave went above and beyond to guide me through the entire process and I’ve got my new email configured. Thank you for your patience, Dave.

Incredible support
Adult Servers

My sex toy store would never have been successful without Vicetemple’s incredible support. Thanks for everything!

Top notch software
HubX Script

I’m glad I found my way to HubX. It was easy to set up, the customer service was excellent and the software is top notch quality.

8 months in and no major issues so far
Adult Servers

8 months in and no major issues so far

Quick migration with no downtime
Adult Servers
Craig Dawson

Due to legal issues, I had to move my site offshore, so Vicetemple seemed like a natural fit. I have to admit I’m so glad Dave was here for me to make the migration as painless as possible, I don’t know how I would have done it without him.

Love the open source
VideoX Script
Bhav Patel

I love the fact that Videox provides open source code. I’ve been toying with it and making edits for weeks. I should probably focus more on website promotion haha but I just can’t stop playing around with the code.

So far so good
Adult Hosting

I got a Stallion to launch my first website about two months ago and so far it’s all been good. No issues whatsoever.

Lightning fast
Adult VPS, VideoX Script

I’m impressed with all the features that Vicetemple offers. I combined their Dildo Launcher with VideoX and now I’ve got a lightning fast website that’s already raking in thousands of visitors. I’ll probably need an adult server soon and I already know where I’m going to get it.

Making a profit
VideoX Script

Six months in and I’m already making a profit on my investment. I’ll definitely be using VideoX on my next adult website as well.

Cant ask for more
Adult VPS

My man Dave set it all up for me and I got my website online in 30 minutes, cant ask for more for 15 bucks

Five stars
HubX Script

Five-star script, five-star service.

Expensive, but worth it
HubX Script

I was a bit afraid to invest so much money in a website script, but now that I have purchased and set it up, I understand why it’s not cheap at all. It’s the best clone script I’ve ever used.

The best
HubX Script

The best Pornhub clone script on the market

Great service at a great price
Adult VPS
Josh O'Brien

I didn’t have much to invest in my first website, so I went with their cheapest adult VPS plan. I’m happy to see lower plans don’t mean worse service and Dave from the support team has been more than helpful.

Never going back to WP Script
HubX Script

Tried WP Script before choosing HubX and I’ll just say I’m sorry I didn’t try HubX first. I’m never going back now.

Pleasantly surprised
VideoX Script

Surprised by the quality of the script! I almost thought I was somehow redirected to Xvideos when I launched it on my domain.

Worth every penny
Adult Servers
Jacob Gill

I had my doubts about Vicetemple when I saw their relatively high prices, but I can safely say their services are worth every penny! I’ve been with them for six months now and never had any issues with my adult project.

First website set up!
Adult Hosting

Thanks to Vicetemple I have my first adult affiliate website set up. Hoping for many more to come!

very helpful
Adult Hosting

very helpful when I encounter issues with my website, very experienced support which help me set firewall to protect my data

Very good, very happy
Adult Servers

Very good, very happy

Recommended for adult sites
Adult Servers
Mary Liu

The best adult dedicated servers for me. I recommend them for all adult sites!

Thank you for the help!
Adult VPS
Quick response, knowledgeable and helpful support. Thank you for helping me set up my first website.
Adult VPS

Hi Vicetemple service best service

So much better than M3Server
Adult Servers

I just transferred my sex toy store from M3Server (for free!) and resolved all my site loading issues. I highly recommend Vicetemple.

Adult Hosting

thank you support, im really happy to work with you

The best customer service!
Adult VPS

I had trouble setting my VPS, so I reached out to their customer support and they set it all up for me in less than 2 hours! Couldn’t have asked for more!

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