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Complete legal compliance

PornX is fully compliant with data and child protection laws worldwide, more importantly, the CPRA and COPPA for the sites hosted in the US and GPDR in the EU. These regions and many other countries require all websites to request cookie consent and adult websites to display an adult content disclaimer. PornX provides cookie consent and 18+ confirmation popups free of charge, whose content and style are fully adjustable.

WP-Script is non-compliant with the mentioned regulations at its core and may cause fines and penalties in certain regions. They charge extra for the necessary plugins.

Advanced customization

PornX's Customizer has more than 150 customization options added, which allow the administrator to enable or disable and adjust the properties of any element on the site. While its Theme Options page also has more than 150 options unrelated to the Customizer that adjust a whole different set of features and elements.

WP-Script's Customizer contains only the default WordPress options and less than 100 under Theme Options.

Customizable popups

PornX features fully customizable popups such as 18+ Confirmation, Cookie Box, Premium, Login, and Redirect/Advertisement already implemented as a part of the theme, each having more than 20 adjustable options and the ability to set if, where, and how they should activate and the exact elements to display.

WP-Script does not come with any popup other than Login that the administrator cannot customize. It charges extra for 18+ Disclaimer and Cookie Consent plugins, which lack customization compared to those of PornX.

Auto-import thousands of videos

PornX allows administrators to quickly populate new websites with more than a thousand HD videos across 16 categories.

WP-Script does not have the functionality to mass populate websites with content. Instead, administrators have to oversee it manually.

Premium membership

PornX features a fully adjustable Premium system with a customizable premium page, popups, buttons, labels, payment records, and the ability to use and set up any payment gateway.

WP-Script does not have any form of a paid system implemented.

Automated email system

PornX allows administrators to use, edit, and enable, or disable 20 email templates sent out to users and administrators. It allows administrators to set up a support email and more than one administrator email.

WP-Script does not have any form of email templates or settings, support email, and the administrators can use only one email.


PornX has a Community page split into three distinguished tabs: Feed, Members, and Advanced Search. The Feed tab allows users to publish and read posts and see recent activity, such as most recently uploaded videos and images. The Members tab displays a list of members and also suggests users with content. The Advanced Search tab allows users to search members by activity, available contact details, uploaded videos and images, location, gender, orientation, relationship status, and appearance.

WP-Script does not have a Community page nor any form of the features mentioned above.

Manage playlists, favorites, and watched videos

PornX allows its users to add videos to Watch Later from any page and create and expand playlists. The users may also add or remove favorite content and see what they watched before.

WP-Script does not have any form of a playlist, favorites, or watched history systems implemented.

User-managed content

PornX allows its users to access their My Uploads page with a section for video and album uploads. Users can see how many views their content has amassed and the rating of their videos; they can quickly edit any video directly from the page and change its title, description, thumbnail, category, tags, or delete the video. Users with many uploads can use the search function available on the page to quickly identify albums or videos they want to find.

WP-Script displays only video uploads and their rating on the Author page but not their views. It does not allow users to edit any of their uploaded content anywhere on the site, nor does it allow them to search through their uploads.

Advanced filtering

PornX has a Videos page that lists all of the site's videos and an advanced filter sidebar to filter videos by quality, premium, recommended, production, duration, orientation, pornstar details, and categories. It also has filterable categories, tags, and pornstars pages with more information, whose elements and displayed information are adjustable by the administrator.

WP-Script does not have such page nor filtering options.

User notifications

PornX users can subscribe to other users and get notified when they upload new content.

WP-Script does not have any form of subscription-like functionality implemented.

Reports, support tickets, and bans

PornX allows users to report content and comments and to submit support tickets. It also comes with a review and management system for reports, tickets, and bans.

WP-Script does not have reporting nor support functionalities and no easy way to view and manage bans a full stop.

Legal pages and FAQs

PornX comes with six legal pages, a contact page, and an easily manageable FAQ page with more than 30 FAQs separated into four categories. All legal and FAQ content is ready for use and written to suit adult-oriented websites.

WP-Script comes with no legal pages, contact, nor FAQs available.

Custom analytics

PornX allows the administrator to adjust every video's analytics individually, such as the number of views, likes, and dislikes.

WP-Script does not allow for a single video to be boosted. They sell a plugin which boosts views of all videos, but that will cost you $14 on top of the basic theme's price.

Video import and embedding

PornX comes with preinstalled Single Embedder, Mass Grabber, and Mass Embedder plugins, which allow administrators to import and embed videos from partner sites manually. It also includes Find Broken Videos and Vicetemple Player plugins, all free of charge.

WP-Script charges extra for equivalent plugins of those mentioned above.

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You can, but not for a single purchase. Like all WordPress themes, the PornX license is issued to a single domain. We're all up for a bit of swinging, though, so we'll give you a discount if you want to make multiple purchases. Just don't forget to reach out and let us know about your situation!
That is a question with a long and thick answer, but we’ll try to fit it all in. Unlike what you can get from WP-Script, PornX is fully compliant with worldwide data and child protection laws, offers full customization including pop-ups, allows you to automatically import hundreds of videos, and features an automated email system. In short, once you go PornX, no other script will be good enough.
Not big on anticipation, are we? We're down with that. Yes, our full package will have your porn website standing at attention in just a few hours. Then you'll be able to play with it however you want.
PornX is an attentive lover, and will get into any costume within seconds to spice up your sex life. Swapping between demos is easier than changing a condom; just hop over to your admin area and click the one you want to use.
We'd be happy to. Just tell us what kind of dirty costume you'd like PornX to wear, and we'll have her on server, all made-up and ready.
Like most WordPress themes, PornX doesn't ask for much. Just treat her nice and get her a Mischievous Noble or Blessed Elf to play with and she'll be happy.
As a premade porn site, PornX includes all the features you need to run one. However, you'll still need a hosting plan and a domain name to get that website online. Check our detailed guide for more info.
We're afraid not. The fact that each theme is issued for a single domain makes PornX unsuitable for one-night stands, but it can be used indefinitely.
Changing PornX's code may lead to losing your lifetime support, so we don't recommend it. Instead, we suggest contacting us and letting us help you make the tweaks you need.
We rely on our partners and the content they make available via their APIs. While our developers are constantly working on improving the plugins to expand their scope, we make no guarantees regarding the quality or quantity of available content.
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