Build the next Pornhub — literally — with the most advanced Pornhub clone script online
Multi-server system
Optimized for heavy load
Multi-language system
HTML5 HD & mobile videos
Advanced video preview
Fully SEO Optimized
100% open source code
Monetization Channels


Discreet billing for all payments

Custom design

HubX may start off looking like the most popular porn site, but with a little bit of tweaking and some well-applied make-up, you can transform it completely into whatever you want. Just remember that we'll always be here to help with the process.

Custom functionality

HubX is based on the industry-leading KVS script, so you can have it mirror the winning formula of PornHub, or you can upgrade until you leave the original in the dust. As always, we'll be here to lend a helping hand whenever you need one.

Earn With Paid Memberships

Create an exclusive club, make your paying members feel special by giving them access to premium content, and earn more in the process. You'll be able to withdraw via any of the methods below.
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Not big on commitment? Neither are we. You can have HubX for one month for $79, no strings attached. If you end up deciding to go for that ring, it's yours for a one-time fee of $799.
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We will install the script and iron out its kinks in 48 hours or less, leaving you free to populate your server with new kinks of your own.
Of course. When you've had enough dates and want to go steady, we'll be glad to move you over to the full license.
We don't. However, you can have a quick glimpse between the sheets with the admin demo and preview.
Gladly. All you need to do is give us the measurements you'd like your script to fit, and we'll fill her out or trim her down in no time.
HubX doesn't need much to call a server home. All you need is 2 GB of RAM, PHP 5.4 or above (including PHP 7), and MySQL 4.1+ (MySQL 5 is recommended).
Other than some optional lube, you won't need anything else — HubX will cover all the functionality you'll require. However, given how much there is to know about starting a porn site, you'll probably want to read our comprehensive guide on the topic.
Sadly, it's not. Your script license is like a wedding ring — we issue it indefinitely, and it cannot be refunded.
You will have the option, but please note that by changing a script's source code, you may lose your rights to free customer support. Instead, we recommend contacting us and letting us help you make the tweaks you need.

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